GM Auto Parts is located in extreme northeast Lincoln on 4.5 acres at 70th St and Cornhusker Highway. GM Auto Parts was established back in 1973 by Larry Eberhardt. The name originated when Larry toured the southern U.S. and yards were named by what they specialized in. GM-FORD-CHRYSLER and he felt specializing in GM products in the north was a unique idea, thus the name of GM Auto Parts of Lincoln, NE was born. He ran the yard from a small garage on N. 56th Street on a lot that was 80' X 100'. In July 1975 Bob Bretta bought him out and ran a used car lot in addition to the salvage yard. In October 1975, his brother Leo Bretta joined him in the business and they began to expand. In 1977 the purchased Willies Auto Salvage on N. 70th St. where the present operation is located (on a much expanded site). It was decided in 1978 to buy Homers Auto Parts which was located on a 20 acre site north of town on Waverly Road with the intent of moving the operation to that site and closing the N. 70th St location. On March 1st, 1979 Dick Harner joined the operation rounding the ownership group to Bob, Leo, and Dick, each owning 1/3 interest. During 1980 the city in it's infinite wisdom decided that it had the legal power to close the Waverly road operation and force GM to operate only out of the N 70th St location. After a legal battle they succeeded and the entire operation was moved to the 70th street site. On 9-14-81 Bob left GM to start Import Auto Salvage near the old original site of GM Auto on N. 56th Street. In December 1981, (Dick's younger brother, Grant Harner) was solicited to become a member of the GM management team and began his tenure at the helm with Dick on 1-1-82 buying out Leo.

We operate out of 3 large buildings with 3 dismantling bays. We also do any and all minor and major mechanical installation of parts we sell.

We do not specialize in anything in particular, just try and service all interest in anything American. We are presently part of the Eden parts locating service and have the Hollander computer system. We have no future plans for expansion or building, but just to continue to become better at what we are doing. We serve a large metropolitan trade area and make local deliveries twice a day. We are proud members of ARIN and the Havelock Business Association. We currently have 15 employees.

Local Phone


8:30-5:30 M-F
5440 North 70th
Lincoln, Nebraska